Appreciate for Added Subsidy, Pertamina Maintains Energy Supply

Jakarta, June 9, 2022 - Amid the soaring world crude oil prices and rising global commodity pressures, the government has taken a policy of increasing fuel and LPG subsidies. As a form of appreciation for this policy and to ensure the energy fulfillment for the community, Pertamina continues to maintain energy supply to meet subsidized fuel and LPG needs in all of the country. 

To ensure the energy supply, Pertamina moves from the upstream, processing, to the downstream sector. In the upstream sector, Pertamina continues to increase its oil and gas production, which was recorded in April 2022 at 969 MBOEPD. To increase oil and gas production, Pertamina continues to add exploration wells, exploitation wells, workover wells, and well service. 

Efforts to ensure energy supply availability are also carried out by Pertamina on the processing side by strengthening the refinery operations' reliability, improving product quality, and accelerating refinery construction projects' completion.

Pertamina's steps to ensure national energy supply are also seen in fuel and LPG supply resilience, including subsidized fuel and LPG. Currently, subsidized fuel national supply is sufficient, with Pertalite in 17 days range and subsidized diesel fuel for 22 days, and LPG for 17 days.

Acting Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Heppy Wulansari, said amid the global challenges and the Russia-Ukrainian conflict, Pertamina was committed to maintaining national energy stocks throughout Indonesia by strengthening operations from upstream to downstream.

"Pertamina, as one of the operators assigned to distribute subsidized fuel and LPG from the government, will continue to maintain stock. Therefore, the fuel and LPG needs can be fulfilled for the community, and parallel distribution is maintained following the quota set by the government," said Heppy.

Heppy added that fuel and LPG stock is safe and sufficient, and the consumption has returned after experiencing a sharp spike during the last Eid al-Fitr holiday.

"To ensure that supply remains sufficient, it is not only measured by availability at petrol stations, but also the efforts to ensure upstream operations and processing run optimally," stated Heppy.**

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