Anticipating Increase in Consumption, Patra Niaga Directors Check the Readiness of the Christmas and New Year Task Force in Jatimbalinus

Surabaya, December 28, 2021 - To anticipate and improve service to consumers, the board of directors of PT PertaminaPatra Niaga carried out a "Management Walkthrough" (MWT) activity to Pertamina Patra Niaga's facilities and services in the East Java region.

Patra Niaga Regional Marketing Director, Mars Ega Legowo, and Patra Niaga Finance Director, Arya Suprihadi, visited storage and distribution facilities or Fuel Terminals including the Tuban Integrated Terminal, Surabaya and Madiun, and the Malang Fuel Terminal. They also check facilities at petrol stations, Pertashop, to service points along the Trans Java toll road rest area to ensure optimal service to consumers.

According to Ega, Pertamina Patra Niaga is ready to serve the community during Christmas and the 2022 new year. "All of our facilities and services for fuel, LPG, and aviation fuel are optimal. In addition, the public can also take advantage of the MyPertamina application in digitally transacting at petrol stations that make it easier to maintain health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic," said Ega.

Ahead of Christmas and New Year's Holidays (Nataru), Pertamina Patra Niaga in the Jatimbalinus Region projected energy consumption and prepared the best service for customers to ensure fuel, LPG, and Avtur needs can be fulfilled, especially in East Java Province.

In his statement, the Executive General Manager of PertaminaPatra Niaga regional Jatimbalinus, Deny Djukardi, said they are ready to serve the community during Christmas and the 2022 new year. "We have formed a Christmas and New Year Task Force (Satgas Nataru) from November 29, 2021, to January 10, 2022, to ensure the availability of energy for the community," he said.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, Pertamina Patra Niaga in the Jatimbalinus region has made projections to anticipate the increase in consumption of fuel, LPG, and avtur. "The increase in consumption of fuel, especially gasoline, is estimated at 4%, from the normal daily average of 18,000 kiloliters for gasoline to 18,470 KL per day. Meanwhile, LPG is expected to increase by 7% from the normal daily average of 5,300 Metric Tons (MT) to 5,700 MT," added Deny. 

Pertamina Patra Niaga Region Jatimbalinus has also added services in the Trans Java toll area in modular kiosks (Pertashop) and packaging kiosks as many as five units located at Rest Area KM 678B, 695A, 792A, 792B and Pandaan Rest Area KM 66A toll road. In addition, there are also eight existing regular gas stations and two standby tank cars (Kantong gas stations) to meet consumer needs during the celebration of Christmas and New Year 2022.

"The Task Force also provided free antigen test service points in rest areas. It is an effort to support the government in handling the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred for the past two years," said Deny.

In addition, the readiness of the Nataru task force has also been coordinated with the Government and POLRI. In addition to alerting all petrol stations that are on the main route for homecoming and tourism, Pertamina Jatimbalinus regional unit also strengthens fuel distribution with the addition of crew & tank trucks. They also prepared pocket petrol stations and additional operational hours for Supply Fuel Terminal (FT)/Integrated Terminal (IT) as needed.

"A total of 1,386 petrol stations, 150 SPPBE (Central LPG Bulk Filling Stations), 992 LPG Agents, 42,500 LPG bases/outlets, 13 Aircraft Filling Depots (DPPU), 19 Fuel Terminals and 7 LPG Terminals have been alerted and ready to serve consumers at the end of the year.  If there are consumers or the public who need further information, they can contact Pertamina 135 or through the MyPertamina application," concluded Deny.**

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