Current Condition of 7419558 Petrol Station in Simbuang Mamuju with normal and smooth queue.

After the 5.8 Mag Mamuju Earthquake, Pertamina Ensures Safe Fuel and LPG Supply

Mamuju, June 8, 2022 - After the 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake in the western waters of Mamuju, Pertamina Patra Niaga Sulawesi immediately ensures all distributing fuel and LPG facilities run normally.

Area Manager of Comm, Rail & CSR, Laode Syarifuddin Mursali, said his party had checked the facilities (sarfas) from the supply points, petrol stations, and LPG fuel tank cars were safe and normally operating. In West Sulawesi, Pertamina's facilities, such as the Tampa Padang Aircraft Filling Depot and the PT Bahtera Mulya Inti Karsa SPPBE, are safe and normally operating. “The fuel supply for West Sulawesi comes from the Parepare fuel Terminal and the Donggala fuel Terminal. Pertamina ensures that the supply is safe and routes have been checked, and no routes have been disrupted due to the recent earthquake," said Laode.

The total fuel supply for West Sulawesi supported from those two points on average daily gasoline reached 400 kl and 144 kl for Gasoil. 

In addition to fuel, Pertamina also ensures that the LPG supply point comes from the Makassar LPG Depot and the Bosowa terminal, which is distributed through SPPBE located in Mamuju with an average daily distribution of 48 MT and is not experiencing any disruptions.

"We urge the public not to be consumed by hoax information and purchase fuel and LPG excessively. Because the supply is still in a normal state and is not disturbed," Laode concluded.**

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