Weighs Over 900 Tons, The Main Equipment For EURO 5 Equivalent Fuel Production Is Installed Successfully at the Balikpapan Refinery Project

Balikpapan, February 8, 2022 – Pertamina is committed to realizing Indonesia’s energy independence and security through Pertamina International Refinery, namely PT Pertamina Balikpapan Refinery, by implementing non-essential activities for the Balikpapan & Lawe-Lawe RDMP project.

After successfully installing 2 Regenerators on the previous Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC) earlier this year with a total weight of 2 thousand tons, the Balikpapan RDMP Project has successfully installed the Disenganger/Stripper device one of the important equipment of the Residual Fluid Catalytic unit Cracking (RFCC).

The tool weighs over 900 tons, with a height of 36.7 meters and a diameter of 11.1 meters. This Disenganger/Stripper is part of the Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC) unit, which functions to produce a decent and environmentally friendly fuel.

The procurement and manufacture of the equipment take about two years in South Korea to arrive in Balikpapan. The Disenganger/Stripper was installed successfully on Friday (04/02/2022) using a crane with a capacity of 2,800 tons, which is the largest Electric Ringer Crane in the world.

The installation of the equipment contributed positively to the development of the project. Until the end of January 2022, the Balikpapan & Lawe-Lawe RDMP project has achieved around 48% progress. President Director of PT KPB, Feri Yani, said, "Although we focus on accelerating the project, safety remains the main aspect in all PT KPB operational activities."

This installation requires accuracy and precision considering the equipment's large dimension. The installation has been planned carefully by experts to support the success of this high-risk job. In early 2022, the Balikpapan RDMP project has involved 13,000 workers.

The safety aspect of work and equipment is the most important thing to consider, such as ensuring that workers inspect the tool and ensure its application before use.

It is hoped that this project can be completed on time. Therefore, we can reach Balikpapan Refinery development goals of increasing processing capacity from 260 kbpd to 360 kbpd, increasing to environmentally friendly and EURO V equivalent quality product, as well as increasing the refinery complexity, refinery flexibility, and refinery profitability, to realize Indonesia’s energy independence and security.**

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