Saved 2 Fishers, This is the Heroic Action of the Pertamina MT Galunggung Ship Crew

Tuban, February 8, 2022 – A feeling of despair enveloped two fishers from Socorejo Village, Tuban, when their boat sank on Monday morning, February 7, 2022. The two fishers never stop screaming for help, swimming, and trying to stay afloat in the middle of the sea for about an hour and a half.

At around 9.15 am, the screams of the two fishers were faintly heard by MT Galunggung helmsmen routinely patrolling.

"The helmsman of the watch was at the bow to report the condition of the anchor chain direction and there was a voice asking for help from the sea, 50 meters from the bow to the left of the ship. The helmsman of the watch immediately reported to the guard officer and then reported to the captain of the Galunggung ship," said Captain Barli Handoko, the captain of the MT Galunggung ship, who was quick to respond to the reports and saved the two fishers.

Upon knowing the fishers' position, the Guard Officer ordered the crew to throw lifebuoys at the two fishers. Once the buoy is caught by the fishers, it is then pulled towards the ship's left gangway.

"The victim was evacuated onto the ship and procedures for victim assistance or recovery person from water were carried out," explained Barli.

After being successfully rescued, the identities of the two fishers were known to be Jono Kurniawan (28 years) and Taufik Hidayat (23 years).

Based on the report received, Jono and Taufik departed from Socorejo Village at 05.30 am. They both sailed out to lay fish traps and crabs. After an hour, Jono and Taufik lowered and set their fish traps.

At around 7.30 WIB, the fish traps were installed. However, unexpectedly, their ship was hit by the waves and immediately capsized. Not long after, the boat sank. Jono and Taufik also tried to save themselves by continuously swimming and floating for about an hour and a half.

According to Captain Barli, the position of the MT Galunggung ship at that time was about 50 meters from the victim. "The position of the ship at the time of the incident was anchored, waiting to be charged in Tuban waters," he explained. When anchored, the helmsman for the ship is scheduled to routinely patrol around every hour from the bow to the stern of the ship.

The MT Galunggung ship is a ship owned by PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS). This ship sailed from Sikka-India to Tuban, Indonesia. Commanded by Captain Barli Handoko with 29 local crews, the ship built in 2011 can accommodate a load of up to 750 thousand barrels.

After the emergency rescue, the two fishers continued the process of returning to Socorejo Village with the assistance of the Pertamina Trans Kontinental Marine Team (PTK) located in Tuban and two Tuban water police officers, Brigpol Teguh Dwi and Baraka Alfan. The fishers were handed over to Polair at 15.20 WIB.

Two fishers were picked up and sent home using the TB Transko Dara 3204 tugboat captained by Captain Rasto. PIC of Marine Operation Tuban, Febri Nugroho, was also present to assist the process.**

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