Pertamina Gas Subholding Targets 17,570 New Natural Gas Customers in Deli Serdang & Medan Areas

Medan, February 18, 2022 – PT PGN Tbk, as Pertamina Gas Subholding, will expand the natural gas infrastructure network in Medan City, Deli Serdang Regency, and its surroundings, which can be enjoyed by the public and small customers.

Entering 2022, PGN Sales and Region 1 for the Sumatra & Riau Islands region (SOR 1) has been active in socializing the natural gas product, GasKita, to the public. The response has been very positive. PGN targets to add around 17,570 customers in Deli Serdang, Medan, and its surrounding areas.

“As part of the target in developing a natural gas network set in the RPJMN (National Medium Term Program Plan) of 4 million connections by 2025. PGN will expand its network and services in the cities of Medan and Deli Serdang. Natural gas will be enjoyed by more people, MSMEs, & small customers, far more than what we are currently serving," PGN Director of Sales and Operations Faris Aziz, said, after holding an audience with the Deputy Mayor of Medan, Aulia Rachman regarding the development plan for Household Gas in Medan, (16/02/2022).

“The people of Deli Serdang are very smart and knew the benefits of natural gas. We are ready to serve the people's requests to become PGN customers and enjoy the benefits of natural gas,” added Afdal, the General Manager of PGN SOR I, after fulfilling the invitation of H. Ashari Tambunan the Regent of Deli Serdang, to explain the plan for developing household gas networks.

Meanwhile, Regent of Deli Serdang, H Ashari Tambunan, said he would give PGN full support to develop a household natural gas network in his area.

“Network expansion and more services to natural gas users will bring many benefits to Deli Serdang with an increasingly modern environment, like other big cities. It directly supports the movement of the economy and the absorption of local workers. We will support this project to be realized immediately," he said.

Afdal added that PGN manages natural gas pipelines for Jargas in Medan and Deli Serdang and their surroundings along ±1200 km. With this pipeline network, PGN serves around 45,800 household customers, 146 industries, and 433 small entrepreneurs ranging from culinary businesses, home industries, and others.

For more information, the public can visit and register for a subscription via the link List-gaskita, download PGN Mobile, contact the call center 1500645 or visit the nearest PGN office.

Of course, with the expansion of the network, more people will use natural gas so that more businesses and households will be assisted by utilizing clean energy that is practical, safe, and environmentally friendly.**

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