511 Pertamina's Fostered MSE Successfully Upgraded

Jakarta, December 24, 2022 -  Around 722 UMK Academy 2022 participants have participated in various debriefing activities since last August 2022, until 511 MSE successfully graduated and were declared upgraded at the Graduation Day event, held online, Friday (23/12).

Participants who were declared graduated consisted of four classes. Namely, Go Modern and Go Digital with 141 MSE, Go Online with 125 MSE, and Go Global with 104 MSE. Participants have met at least two criteria used as reference parameters, including increasing turnover, the number of employees, production capacity and marketing their products overseas, and involving local communities.

PTH President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Erry Widiastono, during the 2022 UMK Academy Graduation Day, congratulated the 511 UMK Academy 2022 participants who had graduated and thanked the mentors who intensely provided guidance and assistance to the MSE for the past five months.

"Through the UMK Academy, it is hoped that it can become a place of learning for MSE. Thus, it can be directly implemented in the businesses undertaken. It is also hoped that the capacity and entrepreneurship skills of MSE will increase optimally, so they are ready to access the export market," he said.

VP CSR & SMEPP of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, said the UMK Academy is an MSE coaching program that is carried out in a structured, tiered and integrated manner according to the needs and expectations of the Foster Partners. It also adjusts to market trends and challenges according to the company's commitment to supporting the development of sustainable MSE.

"We hope that all MSEs can become the best graduates in their respective fields, continue to be creative and innovative, and must be able to combine supply and demand needs, and how can we see market potential. We must even be able to become trend makers," said Fajriah.

One of the MSE who has passed the Pertamina UMK Academy 2022 program is Sahono, the JeggBoy & Girl business owner. The MSE from Salatiga, Central Java, is a local motorcycle taxi service that serves consumer needs, from shopping at traditional markets, supermarkets, and fast food to goods delivery services. JeggBoy & Girl already has 250 drivers, and 40% are women.

"Thanks to Pertamina, we hope that next year the training will not only be online, but we can also be given offline training so that we can meet face to face with other business actors and collaborate so that we can grow together," he said.

The same thing was also expressed by Arnie, the owner of Kandora Coffe, which produces Torabika and Arabica coffee which has been roasted and has successfully passed the UMK Go Global class. Employing eight local housewives and sourcing coffee raw materials from local farmers has been Kandora Coffe's commitment since the beginning to develop local resources.

"Thanks to the guidance from Pertamina, our business was able to develop more, and through the training provided, we made many changes, from packaging to how to sell online to expand the marketing area," she said.

Fajriyah added that MSE actors must balance innovation and initiatives to fosterenvironment concern. "One concrete manifestation that MSEs can do to behave environmentally friendly is to pay attention to the product packaging used, as well as the impact it has on the environment," she concluded.

Through the PUMK Program and the spirit of Energizing Your Future, Pertamina wants to provide energy that moves the economy--energy that becomes fuel and an energy that produces sustainable growth. Pertamina also encourages each fostered partner to become upgraded MSEs and go global.

Pertamina, now 65 years old, also supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) achievement through the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-based programs in all its operational areas. It is part of Environmental and Social Responsibility (TJSL) to realize economic benefits in society.**

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