Tomohon City Government Appreciates PGE Booster Vaccination in Lahendong Area

TOMOHON – Responding to the developments of COVID-19 pandemic handling, in early 2022, PGE Lahendong Area moved quickly to support the government’s booster vaccination program. PGE Lahendong Area held booster vaccinations to hundreds of workers, partners, and related parties in PGE’s working areas in Tomohon and Minahasa. The booster vaccination was held at the PGE Lahendong Office in collaboration with the Tomohon City Health Office on January 27, 2022.

Ahmad Yani, General Manager of PGE Lahendong Area, conveyed the support and synergy with the Tomohon City Government in accelerating this booster vaccination to support the acceleration program for the pandemic handling in Indonesia, especially in North Sulawesi. “We encourage all workers, business partners, related parties, and all family members in our operational areas to be proactive in taking booster vaccination opportunities. It is to increase self-immunity as well as to play an active role in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” he said.

The Tomohon City Health Office officials were also present at this activity, such as the Head of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, dr. Maria Sugiarto, Head of Public Health, Rully Tumanduk, SKM, MKes, and Head of Health Services, Youla Pitoy.

Head of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, dr. Maria Sugiarto emphasized the importance of the active participation of society in overcoming the impact of this pandemic, such as increasing booster vaccinations participants who have met medical requirements.

She also expressed her appreciation to PGE Lahendong Area for working closely with the government in supporting the acceleration of handling the pandemic by implementing booster vaccination activities.

This booster vaccination targets more than 300 people directly or indirectly related to PGE’s operations.

“PGE’s operations in supplying electricity to the people of North Sulawesi and Gorontalo cannot stop, so we need workers who are always on standby in prime condition for their operations,” said GM PGE Lahendong Area, Ahmad Yani.

Currently, the PGE Lahendong Area, with a generating capacity of 120 MW, supports around 28% of the electricity needs of the people in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo from environmentally friendly energy sources, namely geothermal energy. Indonesia is currently ranked second in geothermal development globally, with a total installed capacity of 2,276 MW. The contribution from the PGE Working Area is 88 percent of the total installed geothermal capacity in Indonesia, which consists of 672 MW self-operated and 1,205 MW through Joint Operation Contracts. *SHPNRE-PGE

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