Pertamina’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Juferson Mangempis, explained SEO targets in supporting the 2030 decarbonization roadmap in Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2022.

Pertamina’s Commitment to Sustainability Programs

JAKARTA – Pertamina is committed to sustainability programs. It was conveyed by Vice President of Investor Relations, Juferson Mangempis, at Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2022.

He explained that Pertamina’s ambition is to be a leading global energy company and be recognized as an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and good governance company.

“Our sustainability strategies are translated into 10 Sustainability Focuses, and each of them is aligned with SDGs and has its main targets. Our strategies are executed through priorities initiatives, such as developing Net-Zero Roadmap, Decarbonization, and increasing NRE Capacity,” he said.

Pertamina allocates 14% of CAPEX for Clean, New, and Renewable Energy. This commitment aligns with domestic resources utilization to provide domestic energy toward green development and decarbonization.

“In support of the 2030 Decarbonization Roadmap, Pertamina has set targets to reduce 30% emission by 2030, compared to our 2010 baseline (1+2 scope). We are evaluating the emission reduction target and will probably increase it to around 38% vs the 2010 baseline. Furthermore, we are developing our Net-Zero Strategy,” he added.

Pertamina has reduced emissions by 27% from 2010 to 2020 to support Indonesia’s contribution. Pertamina has also involved national and international partners in exploring partnerships in decarbonization and accelerating NRE development.

“We collaborate and involve national and international partners to accelerate net-zero emission. Hopefully, this will be paid off,” he stated. *IDK

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