Pertamina Dex New Packaging is Ready in Jayapura

JAYAPURA – PT Pertamina (Persero) continues to protect and preserve the environment by distributing quality products; among them is Pertamina Dex.

According to Area Manager Communication Relations and CSR of Pertamina Patra Niaga, Commercial and Trading Subholding, Papua Maluku Region, Edi Mangun, Pertamina Dex is a non-subsidized fuel for diesel engine vehicles to produce better engine performance and are environmentally friendly.

"Therefore, Pertamina will sell Pertamina Dex at four gas stations in Jayapura City in 5 liter jerry cans for Rp56,750 per jerry can or Rp11,350 per liter. It can be found at SPBU 84,99102 Apo, SPBU 84,99103 Entrop, SPBU 84,99107, and SPBU 83,99101 Padang Bulan," he said.

Edi explained, with Pertamina Dex, combustion becomes more perfect for producing a much smoother engine sound and more powerful engine performance because of the 53 Cetane Number.

"So, the driver and passengers will no longer be disturbed by the noise of the diesel engine and the vibration of the engine that makes it uncomfortable when driving," explained Edi.

Edi added, with the highest 53 Cetane Number, compared to other gasoil products such as Solar (48 Cetane Number) and Dexlite (51 Cetane Number), Pertamina Dex has a better combustion quality.

"From the sulphur level, Pertamina Dex has the lowest sulphur value than Diesel and Dexlite. The sulphur content of Pertamina Dex is only 300 parts per million, while Solar is 2,500 ppm, and Dexlite is 1,200 ppm. The low sulphur content can keep the engine from getting damaged easily. Because sulphur can trigger excessive acid levels in diesel engines, resulting in damage to engine components from the fuel line to the forming of scale on the engine," he explained.

In addition, with a high cetane number and low sulphur content, Pertamina Dex also maintains the engine, increases engine power to the maximum, and is an environmentally friendly fuel with EURO 3 standards.

"With the packaging in jerry cans, Pertamina Dex is easy to carry and can be a backup fuel for long trips," concluded Edi Mangun. *SHC&T MALUKU-PAPUA

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