Supporting Early Childhood Education, Pertamina Assists Educational Game Tools

BALIKPAPAN - Children's education should start as early as possible with methods adapted to the child's growth and development. Supporting Bunda Early Childhood Education School (PAUD) of Working Group (Pokja) program in West Balikpapan District, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI) Balikpapan Unit provided educational game tools assistance to 44 PAUD in West Balikpapan District, Saturday (22/1/2022).

"It is important for us to prepare children as the future generation. Of course, this starts with Early Childhood Education School or PAUD. PAUD is a level of basic education for children up to the age of six which aims to help their spiritual and physical growth and development," said the Communication, Relations, & CSR Area Manager of the Balikpapan KPI Unit, Ely Chandra Peranginangin.

Chandra conveyed that the purpose of providing educational game tools is to create a fun learning atmosphere for children, grow a positive child's self-image, provide a stimulus in shaping behavior and developing basic skills, and provide children with opportunities to socialize with peers.

The Deputy Chair of the Pokja Bunda PAUD Balikpapan City, Sri Purwanti, positively welcomed Balikpapan Unit KPI. "I really support it because it is very beneficial for early childhood development in West Balikpapan District. Hopefully, West Balikpapan children can develop their gross and fine motor skills," said Sri Purwanti.

Games using tools certainly make children enjoy playing more because there are many things they can do.

"This is a beneficial assistance to help the development of education in PAUD," said one of the mothers in West Balikpapan PAUD, Herawaty Surya Kesuma.

The educational game tools provided are wooden blocks. Wooden blocks were chosen because they help introduce problem-solving skills to children. This block stacking game is constructive so that it makes children actively build something using the materials that have been provided.

Block-building games also stimulate children's brains to enrich cognitive developments such as language skills, logic, and basic concepts.

"These blocks are beneficial to help children learn physical motor skills. So that children could learn more about language, art, cognitive, and gross motoric and fine motor skills," said the Principal of the Nusa Jaya Kindergarten, Baru Ilir Village, Ernawati.

This event also inaugurated the Bunda PAUD Pokja management in West Balikpapan District. "I would like to thank PAUD in West Balikpapan Sub-district for improving education here," concluded the West Balikpapan Sub-District Head, Arif Fadhillah. *KPI BALIKPAPAN

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