PT KPI RU Dumai GM, Permono Avianto, symbolically handed over 1,000 Tabebuia seeds to General Secretary of Dumai, Indra Gunawan.

Planting 10,000 Tabebuia for Greener Dumai

DUMAI - To support the government's efforts for reforestation in Dumai City, Pertamina through PT Refinery Unit Pertamina Internasional (PT KPI) Refinery Unit (RU) Dumai handed over 1,000 tabebuia trees, at Bukit Gelanggang Park, Dumai, Thursday (31/3/2022).

Tabebuia was chosen because it is one of the plants that is often used as a shade tree. Tabebuia also has many appealing attributes, namely, vigorously flowering trees, the roots do not heave up constructions, are very tolerant of various soil conditions, and are heat tolerant trees.

The ceremony was attended by PT KPI RU Dumai GM, Permono Avianto, General Secretary of Dumai, Indra Gunawan, HSSE Manager RU Dumai, Oky Wibisono, Head of Environment Agency (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup/DLH) of Dumai, Dameria, Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) members and other stakeholders.

Permono said, this planting trees program is in line with Sapta Prasamaya Pertamina 2022 in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) program and Decarbonization Implementation with the main issues are climate change and emission carbon.

“Conservation activities through trees planting is one of our routine programs around the company area. For example, Patra Seroja Ecopark, a conservation forest in Pertamina Bukit Datuk housing which contributes to CO2 absorption of 103,417ton and 28,350ton carbon stock,” explained Permono.

Permono said that trees benefit in many ways, not only for shades, trees also balance the nature, maintain soil fertility, reduce increasing temperature/global warming, produce oxygen, absorb CO2, and maintain water reserves

Moreover, General Secretary of Dumai, Indra Gunawan, said that Tabebuia is unique vegetation, so it will be very fitting if it can thrive in the local’s tourism area. "Besides having the ability to absorb groundwater and absorb carbon dioxide, this tree planting is also in line with the "One Man One Tree" movement that was promoted by the previous government," he explained.

A similar statement was conveyed by the Head of Environment Agency (DLH) of Dumai, Dameria. She explained that Tabebuia is a tree that has a shady twig structure and is not too tall. “The trees function to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce pollution. So, it will make the air cleaner," she added. *SHR&P DUMAI

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