PIS Commissioners Ensures Tanjung Sekong Operations Runs Optimally

JAKARTA - Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) commissioners have done a Management Walkthrough (MWT) to the Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal, Cilegon, Banten, Friday, December 3, 2021. This activity was attended directly by the Board of Commissioners of PIS, Dr. A. Junaedy Ganie, Achmad Hidayat, Taufik Ahmad, Nanik Purwanti, and the Committee, Director of Operations of PIS, Arief Kurnia Risdianto, Proxy of Plt. Director of Peteka Karya Tirta (PKT), Musirini, and Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal Manager, Asmat Subandi. This activity aimed to ensure that operations run optimally through discussions on business processes, future terminal planning, targets to be achieved, and issues or obstacles encountered.

PIS Operations Director, Arief Kurnia Risdianto, said, “MWT is done by management to ensure operational and the field conditions. It is hoped that from this activity, the management can formulate development efforts to ensure terminal operations are following the provisions and specifications that have been set,” he said.

Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal has been operating since April 2012, with Refrigerated LPG operating since January 2020. Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal has a very strategic role because it is projected to replace Teluk Semangka STS and supply LPG needs in some working areas of the South Sumatra Marketing Region, West Java Marketing Region, and Marketing for the Central Java Region with an estimated throughput of 200,000 MT per month or about 40% of national needs.

Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal has an area of about 12.9 hectares with a storage tank capacity of 98,000 MT and a jetty/pier with a capacity of up to 65,000 DWT. It makes VLGC Vessels, Pertamina Gas 1 and 2, with a capacity of 45,000 MT, serve LPG distribution in parts of the Sumbagsel Region, West Java, and Central Java with an estimated throughput of 200,000 MT/month, and become the lifeblood of the national LPG distribution.

Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal Manager, Asmat Subandi, added, “The inaugural visit of the PIS Board of Commissioners to this terminal is an honor for us officers. Some inputs regarding aspects that can be developed here are for us to continue to be productive and optimize performance so that we can produce maximum output,” he added. In Q3 2021, Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal has succeeded in increasing LPG fuel receipts by 12.9%, backloading by 10.9%, and distribution of Skid Tanks by 8.36%, with a total supply area of 63 SP(P)BE.

“From this visit, we can provide better input to the management, both from the aspect of possible development to make this terminal more productive and very high-value assets can be managed properly, maintained, and possible to create efficiency in various fields and increase productivity,” said PIS President Commissioner, Dr. A. Junaedy Ganie.

Arief hopes that in the future, PIS as the owner of the Tanjung Sekong LPG Terminal can continue to improve operations and services for customers based on operational excellence and cost optimization. *SH IML

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