Improving the Economy During Pandemic, PTC Provides Training for the Jabodetabek Community

JAKARTA - The efforts of PT Pertamina (Persero) through PT Pertamina Training & Consulting (PTC) in increasing the economic growth continues, one of which is through the Social Entrepreneurship Training program for people living in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) areas. The training held by PTC consisted of three kinds, namely coffee barista training, frozen food, and hydroponics.

"The community was very enthusiastic when we opened the program. It can be seen from the participants registered reached around 13,621 people," said PTC President Director, Teuku Mirasfi, during the 2021 Symbolic Distribution of Business Equipment Assistance to Beneficiaries of MSMEs fostered by PT Pertamina Training & Consulting on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, on the 5th floor of Building A Pelita Air Service, Jakarta.

He added that the distribution of the business equipment was the final part of the training program, which had been held in two months. "This program is not only training, but we also monitor them so they can improve their economy by their efforts. We also assist so that the innovations made by the participants run as expected," said Mirasfi.

The same thing was conveyed by the temporary Vice President of CSR & SMEPP Pertamina, Dian Hapsari Firasati, who said that the CSR program was not merely a lecturing program but is more like a mentoring program. "We see the beneficiaries as subjects, not objects. It means we assist them so that they can be economically independent," said Dian.

She also conveyed that the distribution of business equipment assistance was an opening for beneficiaries to start a business. "It is hoped that many innovations will be created after the start of the businesses, both in sales marketing strategies and products to get market interest," said Dian.

In addition, in order to create these new MSMEs, PTC also collaborates with the Yayasan Inspirasi Indonesia Membangun. "We hope that through collaboration with PTC, we can increase the economic independence of the community, especially for people who are less fortunate due to the impact of COVID-19 and disabilities," said Chairman of the Yayasan Inspirasi Indonesia Membangun, Chrisbiantoro.

Furthermore, he also hoped that this activity could strengthen each participant. "In the future, we want the 18 best participants from 132 selected from around 13,000 people to be able to share their knowledge and success stories with the next participants. They can share experiences, innovate, and strengthen each other," said Chrisbiantoro.*HM/ft. AP

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