Aviation Gasoline

Since the engine first used to power flight was based on the automotive engine, it was fueled with automotive gasoline. Nowadays, some airplanes still using gasoline or piston engines, although in small number. For this kind type of plane PERTAMINA Aviation provides Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS).

AVGAS is the fuel which coming from the petroleum fraction designed for the fuel of air transport (Aviation) at the plane which using the Internal of Combustion Engine, piston Engine or reciprocating engine with Spark Ignition. AVGAS is a mixture of components derived from crude oil and synthetic hydrocarbon blending agents with the addition - of very small quantities of chemical agents such as tetraethyl lead, inhibitors and dyes. AVGAS are very high octane fuels specific for high compression aircraft engines.

The performance of AVGAS is especially determined by characteristic of anti-knock called octane number for price below 100 and also performance number above 100. AVGAS grades are defined primarily by their octane rating which indicates its performance number. The grade of AVGAS provided by PERTAMINA Aviation in Indonesia is AVGAS 100/130. Similar with gasoline, as fuel for reciprocating piston engine, AVGAS is very volatile and is extremely flammable at normal operating temperatures. Procedures and equipment for safe handling of this product must therefore be of the highest order. AVGAS must has a freeze point maximum of -58°C and maximum total Sulfur content of 0.05 % m/m.

Our AVGAS fulfills the standard from British Ministry of Defence, Defence Standard 91-90/latest issue (Aviation Gasoline 100/130), DERD 2485 and ASTM D 910, the Standard of Specification for Aviation Gasoline.


AVGAS (Aviation Gasoline) Grade 100, 100 LL


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