5 Pillars of Strategic Priorities


  1.    Expand Upstream Activities
  •       Acquisition and development of Indonesia’s main blocks: Mahakam, Cepu, ONWJ
  •       International development: Algeria, other International M&A
  •       Geothermal and New & Renewable energy development acceleration
  •       Operations excellence (Drilling, EOR, Efficiency)
  •       Exploration
  1.    Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies 
  •       Reformation of crude and oil product procurement through world-class ISC
  •       Reduce volume losses in all lines of operations: upstream, refinery, sea and land transportation
  •       Streamlining of corporate functions
  •       Procurement centralization
  •       Marketing centralization
  1.    Increase Refining and Petrochemical Capacity
  •       Refinery upgrade (Refinery Development Master Plan)
  •       Grass Root Refinery Project
  •       Revitalization and integration of private refinery 
  1.    Develop Marketing and Distribution Infrastructure
  •       Enhancement of storage and terminal capacities
  •       Development of Public Fuel Filling Station and world class marketing network.
  •       Development of LNG Receiving & Regasification facility as well as Gas Refuelling Station.
  •       Marketing Operation Excellence
  •       Go International 
  1.      Improvement in Financial Structure
  •       Settlement of receivables to the Government
  •       Alignment of short-term and long-term funding strategies
  •       Management of investment planning & evaluation