Community Development Program

Pertamina’s Community Development Program has been implemented since 2004. The program provides assistance for communities surrounding the Company’s work areas. The scope of Community Development program includes assistance for natural disasters, educational and training assistance, public facility assistance, religious facility assistance, and nature preservation assistance.

In implementing the Community Development program, PKBL Pertamina also works in cooperation with other institutions such as the Ministry for Development of Backward Regions (KPDT), universities, organizations, subsidiaries, and consultants. These joint programs include Teacher Training through TEQIP (Teacher Quality Improvement Program), Bedah Desa Mandiri Pertamina in Desa Klamono and Salawati Sorong, Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, Social Services, and MP3D (Program Deteksi Dini Kanker Serviks, Bhakti Sosial dan MP3D/ Pertamina Partner for Village Development, Special Scholarship Program and others.

Aside from these programs, there are also assistance programs whose implementation is based on the instructions of State Ministry of SOE, called BUMN Peduli (SOE Cares). The Community Development program has contributed greatly to the improvement of people’s lives as well as advances in the education field. In addition, Pertamina’s Community Development program has also been active in areas of health, religious, public infrastructure, and nature conservation, as well as disaster relief.

Realization of fund disbursement in the Community Development program in 2011 was approximately Rp 125 billion, or 43% from the available budget of Rp 294 billion. The distribution consists of:

  • Distribution through Pertamina’s own Community Development programs of Rp 110.3 billion, or 53.5% from the allocated budget of Rp 206 billion.
  • Distribution through the SOE Cares (BUMN Peduli) program of Rp 14.7 billion, or 16.7% from the allocated budget of Rp 88 billion.

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