As one of the largest state-owned enterprise in Indonesia, Pertamina has two major responsibilities. The first is to increase profit in order to improve the welfare of the state, while the second is to carry out social and environmental responsibility. The roles and social responsibility of Pertamina is undertaken through Pertamina SME & SR (Small Medium Enterprise & Social Responsibility) Partnership Program, better known as PKBL (Partnership and Community Development Program), as set out in Permen-05/MBU/2007 on State-Owned Enterprise Partnership Program with Small Business and Community Development.

The Partnership Program is intended to improve the ability of small businesses as foster partners of Pertamina to become strong and self sufficient while providing a multiplier effect for improving welfare in communities around Pertamina’s areas of operation. This is expected to support the business activities of Pertamina and its business partners. Whereas the Environment Development Program is a program that empowers the social condition of communities surrounding Pertamina’s area of operation through the utilization of funds from the State-Owned Enterprise profit and in the form of grants.


Pertamina’s enthusiasm in implementing PKBL is a form of corporate social responsibility commitment to the community. PKBL has been implemented by Pertamina since 1993, where each year there has been an increase in the amount of funds for this program. There are many foster partners of Pertamina


which have become strong and self sufficient, proven by the rapid development of their business. Currently they are doing marketing activities not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.


The success of PKBL in managing the foster partners is also reflected in various awards that have been received. Awards received for the Partnership Program among others are Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN Award 2011, as The Best Executive Citra Awards in the Asean Programme Consultant Indonesia Consortium activity.


This shows that PKBL’s seriousness and existence has been universally acknowledged. By utilizing all sectors, PKBL has created outstanding and successful foster partners that are able to give maximum results, and to make people more creative in fulfilling their needs. Furthermore, they are also able to produce goods or services which benefit people.


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