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As the company's commitment to contribute improving community welfare through education and to increase community access to education in Indonesia, Pertamina CSR for Education implement a number of programs include :

National Science Olympiad for Universities (OSN-PTI) 2011


A program which has potential and contribution to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia. The program is to encourage students to explore deeply in  math, physics, chemistry, and biology to be more serious and competent in their field. OSN-PTI 2011 which initiated by Pertamina is one of corporate manifestation for education in Indonesia through corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. For more details, please click the link www.osnpertamina.com

Pertamina Scholarship


Awarded to 1,450 students in Jabodetabek, 300 diploma students in Padang, Palembang, and Solo, Post-Graduate Scholarship for 25 Non-lecturer civil servants and 25 DESDM employees, Scholarships for 10 best students to pursue higher education at ITB, Post-Graduate in abroad, and Scholarships for 100 Students in Madrasah.

Pertamina Youth Program - PYP (Education for Young Stakeholder)

Educational programs and the introduction of the oil and gas business and at a time motivate young people to increase awareness, both to energy, love the product, and national assets, as well as eco-sustainable business. PYP 2009 was held in Cilacap, Balikpapan, and Manado

Pertamina Goes To Campus - PGTC (Education for academics)


is an educational programs and the company's approach to the academicians in Indonesia in order to enhance the synergistic relationship and to support the creation of qualified and competitive young generation, as the novice of oil and gas professionals in the country. In 2009, PGTC was held in the Riau University and Lampung University.

Pertamina Competition


Science competition program as a media to hone and actualize the improvement of student quality in science and research. The program was implemented through the National Science Olympiad – Universities (OSN-PTI), which took place in 33 provinces throughout the country. OSN-PTI Pertamina was intended to generate  intelligent and highly competitive generation, both domestically and internationally.

Pertamina Care to Education (Pertamina Peduli Pendidikan)

Pertamina’s CSR also implement development and synergistic programs to the educational improvement in communities through 14 primary schools renovation in Lampung, Central Java, and East Java (Madura), build a Multipurpose Building to Sam Ratulangi University, increasing teacher’s competence and professionalism in NTT, Rumah Pena program, Indonesia - Japan school renovation, and Development of Green House of IPB, as well as contribution for increasing access to education in Pertamina operating units.


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