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Pertamina’s CSR also focuses on community empowerment through increasing infrastructure development and Pertamina Care for Natural Disasters Program. In infrastructure development, the development are carried out to public facilities such as roads, bridges, latrines, and clean water facilities.

In 2009 , infrastructure field has been implemented the programs, i.e. :


• Renovation of Taman Pintar Jogjakarta

• Revitalize Pejambon Park, Jakarta

• Improving the infrastructure in Bau-bau

• Improving the infrastructure in the region around Pertamina operating units in Indonesia.

• Restoration for clean water infrastructure in Sampang, Makasar, Sibayak, Balikpapan, Semarang, and Karang Rejo

Meanwhile, as the concern for the communities affected by natural disasters, Pertamina’s CSR program has conducted a number of disaster recovery, starting from the pre-disaster activities such as training and workshops, emergency response activities, and  post-disaster activities include: restoration / rehabilitation


Pertamina Care has made post-state emergency to provide aid to victims as well as medical attention on national disasters happened in 2009, i.e.. :

• Pertamina Care for Padang and Kerinci Earthquake

• Pertamina Care for  West Java Earthquake

• Pertamina Care for Bima (Mataram) earthquake

• Pertamina Care for Situ Gintung

• Pertamina Care for landslide in Sumbar

• Pertamina Care for flood in Cepu

• Pertamina Care for Flood in Lamongan

• Pertamina Care for Flood in Palopo (Sulawesi)

• Pertamina Care for Disaster in Manokwari

• Pertamina Care for KM Teratai Prima victims.


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