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Pertamina’s CSR programs in the environment is designated as rhe management commitment in corporate responsibility towards the environment and nature conservation. CSR Program in environment in 2009 includes a number of programs, i.e. :

Green Planet

Mangrove tree planting and conservation program is carried out through direct action of planting and distributing tree seedlings to the community in a number of community activities and environmental campaigns. In 2009, approximately 100,000 trees have been distributed in Jakarta and Pertamina operation area in Indonesia. Pertamina was planting the trees in various areas, including degraded land and urban areas. The types of plants vary from productive trees such as mango, rambutan, starfruit,  and also Mangroove and shade trees such as acacia and teak.

Coastal Clean Up

Is a CSR Environmental activity to clean-up the beach. This activity is carried out by a number of actions, including cleaning a beach, distribute bins, environmental conservation education, and tree planting. In 2009, the Coastal Clean Up Program implemented in Balikpapan, Balongan, and Cilacap.

Green and Clean

In promoting the city cleanliness, in 2009, Pertamina also rehabilitated city parks in Bandung and distributed 21 units of motorcycles garbage in Medan city.

Green Festival

Pertamina’s action to Save the Earth also carried out through the Green Festival 2009, an annual event which raised the global warming issue. The program aims to educate and encourage people to take action in saving the Earth from global warming. In Green Festival 2009, there were five green area, i.e. ​electricity, trash, vehicle, water, and trees area. In the green area, visitors were shown what can be done to save the earth from global warming. Start by saving and managing water as a source of life, manage 5R (reused, Reduce, Recycle, Rethink, replace) waste, understand the meaning and function of trees to human life, until how to minimize pollution by using eco-friendly vehicles. Green Festival 2009 also held green competition, i.e. competition which sharpening knowledge about global warming and the environment in general, which was followed by hundreds of schools in Jakarta.



In 2009, Pertamina also provided 12,300 units of Biopori drill, in Jakarta, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and Tangerang. Biopori drill is a tool for making biopori holes, which is useful to help accelerate the absorption of water and investing water in the soil. By making biopori holes in each house, groundwater reserves will increase due to extensive water catchment reproduced. Biopori hole is also useful for organic waste landfill thus helping the process soil enrichment.

Exhaust Emission Test

Attention to better air quality is one of Pertamina focus on the environment. To continue to internalize the pro-environment knowledge and attitude for Pertamina internal stakeholders, especially in Pertamina headquarters, and concretely demonstrate a environmental care attitude and comply with the environmental regulations, Pertamina conducted exhaust emissions test to the vehicles located in Pertamina headquarters environment.


This exhaust emissions test is referring to Provincial Regulation of DKI Jakarta No. 2 of 2005 on Air Pollution Control and Jakarta Governor Regulation Number 92 Year 2007 regarding Vehicle Emission Test and Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 31 Year 2008 about Standard Motor Vehicle Emission , Emissions Test which last for 3 days reached at least 700 company and Pertamina Workers vehicle with gasoline and diesel which operate daily in Pertamina Headquarters environment.

Pertamina Green Act

Pertamina Green Act is an art and creativity competition for high school students and teachers with a green lifestyle as the main theme. The program aims to make the best schools to become a pioneer in environmental movement.

The general objective of this program is to improve and develop eco-friendly activities and creativity in order to solve the environmental problems in the society. The series of activities carried out in the Green Act include socialization, training, and 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) competition.

Water Hyacinth Handicraft

Water hyacinth handicraft is one of Pertamina Environmental CSR concern that aims to reduce water pollutants through the water hyacinth cultivation. The program is carried out near the Pertamina Plaju operation, Palembang, South Sumatra.


The main focus are in the form of community empowerment and development of local potential namely water hyacinth plant. It is expected that the water hyacinth plant which is often regarded as a weed can be processed into useful handicrafts. Through the training provided, it is expected ....................

Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation

Pertamina is committed to continue to participate in saving the environment, especially the mangrove forest around the operation areaa.


Activities carried out is not only plant mangrove plants but also empowering local communities about the benefits of mangrove in everyday life. An example is the empowerment of local communities regarding the crabs cultivation in the mangrove forest areas which can increase their autonomy and local communities welfare.


In 2010, the program showed a significant development, especially at the mangrove trees life level and crab breeding success stories in Cilacap. Pertamina has succeeded in planting 147,000 mangrove trees during the period 2010 to 2011.


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