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PT. Pertamina (Persero) is constantly underlined the importance of children health issues in each CSR programs. This commitment is manifested in the form of Child Facial Deformity Surgery Program. To implement it, Pertamina cooperates with charities which have a specialize in handling children with facial deformities and cleft lip.

Pertamina believes that support is worthy to be given to these children so that they can live in a normal life and be able to cultivate their self-confidence.


In 2010, 38 children with cleft lip has been successfully be operated at one of private hospital in Jakarta. The beneficiaries of this program were the children from Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Lampung, Bengkulu, and Maluku.

Pertamina Sehati


PT Pertamina (Persero) through Pertamina Sehati since 2004 has put the concern on public health issues, especially the children and mothers health. Pertamina Sehati activities are the part of the company's commitment in addressing global social issues targeted in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


In 2009, Pertamina Sehati program reached 29 areas throughout Indonesia with coverage of about 15,000 beneficiaries. Whereas in 2010, Pertamina Sehati has successfully conducted more than 3,800 events spread across Indonesia in the form of training for cadres, weight control programs, pregnant women training, as well as an introduction to healthy and nutritious food. Through these activities, Pertamina Sehati has managed to reach the number of beneficiaries of more than 63,000 people.

Bright With Pertamina


Pertamina is eager to invest its resources for Indonesia's young generation. A strong desire is manifested in various forms. One of the example is the implementation of Bright With Pertamina program.


Bright With Pertamina program aims to improve the quality of vision of the younger generation through eye health examination and giving them a reading glasses. Pertamina believes that utilizing reading glasses can help students to meet their right to get education.

In 2009, Bright Program with Pertamina has distributed 11,000 reading glasses to needy students. Glasses distribution covered Medan, Palembang, Plaju, Prabumulih, Bekasi, Indramayu, Cilacap, Surabaya, Malang, Makassar, and Tomohon area.


Bright with Pertamina in 2011 got beneficiaries about 20,000 students. Total of 20,000 students are obtained after Pertamina team examined more than 144 651 students from 501 schools in 33 cities in Indonesia.

Clino Healthy Teeth (Clino Gigi Sehat)


Based on the survey, children in Indonesia still do not have enough knowledge and information about dental health. Visiting the dentist every six months has not become a habit for most Indonesian people.


Pertamina is paying attention to this issue and dedicates a CSR program called Clino Healthy Teeth which aims to enhance students' knowledge on dental health.

Clino Healthy Teeth is a combination program of examination and dental care and ears. The aim is to detect problems in the teeth and ears so that the doctor can immediately handle it. Early detection is necessary so that it can reduce the confounding factors of student learning process in schools.


In 2009, Clino teeth was conducted in 24 primary schools in Plumpang, Cikampek, and Bekasi. This program reaches 6,000 dental checks for children. Whereas in 2010, the program has been successfully carried out in 60 schools in Java with a total beneficiaries of 25.746 students and 534 teachers. Then in 2011, the program reached 10691 students across Indonesia.


Through Clino Healthy Teeth program, Pertamina managed to become a pioneer of dental health program in which these activities have not been done before by other companies.



Indonesia is one of the country with relatively high infant mortality rate in Southeast Asia at 30 per thousand births (Source: 2010 World Population from United Nations data sheed). On the other hand, the government is being launched Healthy Indonesia Movement program in 2010; These programs include mother and child health. To support the program, in addition to improve services for mother and child health, it is equally important to improve health facilities in health centers and hospitals, including the infant incubator.


Infant incubator is one of the very important hospitals and clinics facility. This instrument serves to maintain the temperature of babies born prematurely or infants with special needs in order to remain stable. It is expected that the incubators are able to save more lives of newborns.

Children Health Surgery Program


Since 2010, PT. Pertamina (Persero) participated in reducing the number of children with congenital heart defects which can’t be saved. Through the Children Health Surgery Program, patients have access to free heart surgery. Aid from PT. Pertamina (Persero) has successfully saved 65 children lives with heart defects until now.


The beneficiaries of this program are children from poor families who live around the operation area of PT. Pertamina (Persero) which covers Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Lampung, and Aceh area.

Ambulance Offering from Pertamina


In line with Pertamina’s efforts to improve public access to health facilities and services, a number of ambulance is distributed to remote areas. Ambulance which serves as a mobile clinic is expected to address public health needs.


The Ambulance is also used as a medical library in order to increase public knowledge about the disease, the prevention, and mitigation, know how to live clean and healthy, and also knowledge about nutrition for pregnant women and young children to support Pertamina Sehati program.

In 2009, ambulance aid was given for the people around Cilacap - Central Java. In 2010, PT. Pertamina (Persero) donated 4 units of ambulance to the community. One of the ambulance shape was a boat-like, or better known as floating ambulance.


Whereas in 2011, seven ambulance units have given to PT. Pertamina (Persero) units in Dumai, Sorong, Jambi, Lirik Riau, Muara Enim, Lahendong, and Bangkalan.


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