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Involvement and Community Development of Pertamina are based on several grounds regulation, although its activities in contributing to society has been carried out by Pertamina since its birth, December 10th, 1957, the company was established with the struggle and for funding the struggle , development, and the maximum benefit for the people prosperity, according to its proportion as a company. The foundations are:

I. Chapter V, Article 74 of Act of Limited Company No. 40 of 2007, namely:


• The company which conducting its business activities in the field and / or concerned with natural resources required to implement social and environmental responsibility.

• Social and environmental responsibility is the obligation for the company which budgeted and accounted as a company’s expense which carried out regarding to decency and fairness.

• The Company which not carry out the obligations will imposed sanctions in accordance with the legislation


Minister of State Owned Enterprises Circular No. SE-21 / MBU / 2008 mentioned:


Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) is required to SOEs whose business activities in the field of natural resources, or have an impact to the natural resources. Although SOE in another field can carry out the SER.


Article 88 of Act No. 19 of 2003 about State Owned Enterprises mentioned :


SOE can put aside their several of net income for the fostering small businesses / cooperatives purpose and community development around the SOE.


II. Policies about Pertamina’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER)


Pertamina’s CSR / CSER is a form of corporate responsibility to the impacts caused by policies and activities to the community and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior.


The principles of Pertamina’s CSR / CSER based on ISO 26000, consist of:


• Consistent with sustainable development and social welfare.

• Considering the expectations of all stakeholders.

• Obeying the law and consistent with international norms.

• Integrated into business activities.


In terms of integrating CSR / CSER program into the corporate business activities, Pertamina are committed to:


• Addressing the negative impact of the company's operations through compliance with regulations and create a new value to the community and the environment.

• Provide social, economic, and environment benefits to the community, especially around the operations area.

• Increase the company's reputation, efficiency, business growth, and implementing business risk mitigation.


III. Pertamina’s CSR / CSER Strategies


Strategic goals



Improve Pertamina’s Reputation and Credibility through CSER activities which integrated with business strategy.

Great Strategy


• Mutual benefit (shared fair value)

• Sustainable

• Priority on Regional Operations and regions affected

• Development of green energy as a responsibility to the impact of the operation

• Effective Socialization and Publication

Strategic Initiatives



• Empowering society sustainably (through behavior change education - the mindset - as well as skills and health training)

• Insightful Environmental Conservation

• Related to Business Strategy

• Implemented in Completed manner (including the provision of iinfrastructure, mindset change, attitudes, values, and equipped with knowledge / skills).


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