Social Responsibility

Pertamina social and environmental responsibility managed for mutual benefit (fair shared value), as a sustainable program, prioritizing beneficiaries around the nearby areas of company operational and the area affected, responsible for the impacts of operations, develop eco-friendly energy (green energy), and communicated with an effective socialization and publication

Pertamina’s CSR includes four empowerment initiatives, i.e. improving the quality of education, health empowerment, improve environment quality, infrastructure improvement, and community empowerment as well as implement a special program, namely Pertamina Cares (Pertamina Peduli – In Indonesian) which is the company's concern for the victims of natural disasters happened in the country


According to the CSR Vision "Towards a Better Life", the programs are aligned with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and supporting Indonesia’s commitment in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD +) program as a global mechanism which aims to slow the climate change by providing compensation to developing countries to protects their forest. It is prioritized as well as to assist communities and governments around Pertamina operating units in solving social and environmental problems.


Pertamina’s CSR activities also directed to support the Green and Gold Proper achievement in the operating units and subsidiaries for the corporate value growth.


Pertamina Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility in 2011 was carried out through a number of programs as follows:



  1. Scholarships from Elementary students to University
  2. Multipurpose building and Science Laboratory development support for University
  3. Motorcycle Mechanics Training for Students
  4. Pertamina  Goes To Campus (PGTC) Program 2011
  5. Education Facilities Support
  6. Pertamina Science Olympiad
  7. Mathematics MGMP Olympiad for Elementary students in DKI Jakarta
  8. Teachers training
  9. School Compurer Laboratory Support
  10. School Library Support


Public Health

  1. Childrean Heart Surgery Assistance Program
  2. Surgery Assistance Program for children with facial defrmities
  3. Pertamina Sehati
  4. Ambulance Assistance
  5. Incubator Assistance
  6. Clino Dental Program
  7. Bright with Pertamina program



  1. “Saving 100 Million Trees” . Distributing and Planting over 400.000 protective and productive trees
  2. “Satu Aksi Untuk Ciliwung” program – Campaign "Stop Nyampah di Kali"
  3. Green Festival 2011 in 3 Big Cities


Infrastructure and Natural Disasters

  1. Community Empowerment – Agricultural Intensification
  2. Village Developing Program
  3. Fire fighter assistance
  4. Karya Bhakti Merapi Post-Disaster Rehabilitation
  5. Disaster Volunteers Performance

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