New and Efficient Technology

UTC also actively cooperate with research institutes and universities in the country to develop oil and gas exploration and production and new cheap geothermal technologies and in line with the geology, topography and social condition in Indonesia. Several studies and researches undertaken includes :


  1. Making the basin modeling software;
  2. Study the software development for seismic data processing using Common Reflection Surface (CRS) method;
  3. Research or development of 4D Microgravity software;
  4. Seismic, georesistivity and geohistory data processing to assess the source rock maturity in the basin of Eastern Indonesia;
  5. Microseismic study, AVO analysis, and simultaneous inversion of  Rengancondong 3D seismic data ;
  6. Applied research on feasibility study of chemicals utilization for EOR  from palm oil waste;
  7. Research Consortium "Optimization on Oil and Gas Pipeline Network" - OPPINET.
  8. Radial Drilling technology applications to increase the production in Pondok Tengah (PDT-08) and JOB Talisman (ASDJ-70, ASDJ-07 and SGR-01);
  9. Expert System Development of Software Design 2.0 PF for the development and operation of gas fields which requires Acid Gas Removal Unit AGRU (CO2 and H2S);
  10. Geodatabase development studies and web based geographic information systems using  licensed and open source software.
  11. Device Development to solve the problem of surface and subsurface using Ultrasonic Wave Technology
  12. G&G Regional Study on North Sumatra Basin
  13. Potential Carbonate rocks study  as a source rock and fault rock
  14. Software Development with Passive Seismic Method to detect the distribution of hydrocarbon  Phase I-II
  15. Joint inversion Seismic Gravity and MT in Volcanic Area (Jawa Barat Selatan)
  16. Excess Water Production & Relative Permeability Modifier Aplication Study
  17. Downtime Analysis (Low & Off) Study
  18. Mapping studies using Mini Lidar VELODYNE VLP-16
  19. Integrated Application Data Management Development in 2016
  20. Designing Silica Scale Breaker using  Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Wave Breaker & its application in Geothermal Wells production
  21. CBM reservoir modeling using Seismic Data yield Sparse Layer Inversion : A Case Study of CBM Field Tanjung II
  22. SLS-based Surfactant formulations optimization for Rantau field
  23. MES surfactant formulations Studies for Jirak field

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