Exploration and Production

Since establishment on December 10th, 1957, Pertamina has participated in the oil and gas business, upstream to downstream. Pertamina’s upstream business is conducted in several regions in Indonesia and abroad include activities in the fields of exploration, production, and oil and gas distribution. To support the exploration and production activities, Pertamina also pursues technology and drilling service businesses, as well as other activities that develop geothermal energy and Coal Bed Methane (CBM).

In exploiting oil and gas both within and outside the country, Pertamina operates either independently or through various partner cooperation arrangements, namely through Cooperation Operations (KSO), a Joint Operation Body (JOB), a Technical Assistance Contract (TAC), Indonesia Participating/Pertamina Participating Interest (IP/PPI), and a Joint Operations Board (BOB).


Pertamina Geothermal exploration and production activities are conducted entirely within the country and are intended to support government programs providing a second stage 10,000 Mega Watt (MW) of electricity. In addition, Pertamina is also developing CBM, a coal with methane gas (GMB) product, in order to support energy diversification, increasing the government’s national gas supply.


Currently managed methane gas reserves of Indonesia by Pertamina number 6 Production Sharing Contracts (PSC)-CBM.


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