The business activities of the Pertamina Upstream Directorate cover exploration, production, and transmission of oil and gas. Other activities are Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and geothermal operations. In addition, Pertamina develops an upstream sector research and technology, and also focuses on drilling services in support of these exploration and production activities.

Pertamina's working areas are mostly located in Indonesia, with others overseas. The upstream business of Pertamina is conducted through own operations and through partnerships. Geothermal and CBM exploration and production are entirely carried out in Indonesia, given that there are abundant geothermal and CBM resources in Indonesia with potential for development.


In order to ensure continuity of gas production, Pertamina placed the investment in the CBM business on a firm footing by signing four new Cooperation Contracts (KKS) in the CBM sector, comprising: (1) PHE Metana Kalimantan A managing the Sangatta I Block, East Kalimantan (2) PHE Metana Kalimantan B managing the Sangatta II Block, East Kalimantan; (3) PHE Metana Sumatra Tanjung Enim managing the Tanjung Enim Block, South Sumatra working area; (4) PHE Metana Sumatra 2 managing the Muara Enim Block.


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