Integrated Supply Chain

Integrated Supply Chain has three main roles as (1) an Integrated Planner and optimization, (2) Integrated Procurement and Sales (Trading) and (3) Supply and export operations to ensure crude oil, fuel oil and gas as available to fulfill national energy demand. Through series of process emphasizing on competitive pricing and premium product qualities.

In carrying out its role, ISC has three capabilities namely:


I.    Planning & Optimization


Carry out the process of planning and optimization for downstream hydrocarbons in integrated manner and ensures the planning process in accordance with company’s target. ISC also ensures inventory optimization for crude oil and refined products through supply and distribution scheduling


II.   Trading & Commercial


ISC manages crude oil produced by upstream subsidiaries (APH) within and outside the country, Government of Indonesia Entitlement and purchase of PSC. Besides crude oil, ISC also conduct import, export, and exchange for refinery products.


III.  Supply & Export Operation


ISC manage and ensure the supply and distribution of crude oil and refined products in terms of quantity, quality, and schedule by considering the facilities and infrastructure at loading and discharging terminal, both in domestic and overseas.


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