Aviation Turbin Fuel Jet A1

Aviation Turbine Fuel (AVTUR) or internationally better known as Jet A-1 is fuel for jet or turbo jet type of plane (either full of jet propulsion type or the propeller one). AVTUR is also self produced at PERTAMINA refineries.

Besides providing a source of energy to power the aircraft, fuel is also used as a hydraulic fluid in engine control systems and a coolant for certain fuel system components. There is only one type of jet fuel, kerosine type, in civil use world wide. So it's extremely important to fuel supplier to ensure fuel in high quality and internationally recognized standard accordingly.

The quality check list comprises the most stringent requirements of its specifications. AVTUR/Jet-A1 provided by PERTAMINA Aviation fulfills the standard from British Ministry of Defence, Defence Standard 91-91/latest issue (Turbine Fuel, Aviation Kerosine Type, Jet A-1, NATO Code F-35), DERD 2494 and ASTM D 1655, the Standard of Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel.

AVTUR is the fuel from the petroleum fraction designed for the fuel of air transport (Aviation) at the plane which has turbine machine or external Combustion Engine. The performance of AVTUR is especially determined by the characteristic of its hygiene, combustion and its characteristic at low temperature. According to these speficifation, AVTUR complied the requirements needed such as has a freeze point maximum of -47°C and a flash point minimum of 38°C (100° F).


AVTUR (Aviation Turbine Fuel) / Jet A-1


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