Marketing and Trading

Retail Fuel Marketing is one of the functions in Marketing and Trading Directorate which handles retail fuel marketing for transportation and residential sector. Pertamina performs retail fuel marketing through retail agents which are widely spread in all over Indonesia, such as gas station/SPBU (Stasiun Pengisian BBM untuk Umum), AMT (Agen Minyak Tanah), APMS (Agen Premium & Minyak Solar) and PSPD (Premium Solar Packed Dealer).

Currently, Pertamina is trying to straighten up to transform in all aspects, including in SPBU retail outlet. One of the efforts to perform the transformation is having standardization of service at Pertamina's gas stations. Pertamina is committed to give the best service which is called as "Pertamina Way". Pertamina way is an elaboration of staff, quality and quantity, equipment and facilities, physical formats and product and services.

Pertamina Way is a new standard to be implemented in all Pertamina's gas stations (SPBU Pertamina) in all over Indonesia, dedicated for consumers in term of service, quality and quantity guarantee and also convenience in gas stations area.

SPBU which already succeed in implementing Pertamina Way deserves to get "Pasti Pas" certification, after passing the certification audit by international independent auditor.



Industry & Marine Fuel

Representing one Division in Directorate of Marketing and Trading, Marketing of BBM Division with fundamental duty handle all effort of marketing and service sell Fuel of Oil to Industrial consumer and Marine. Fuel Oil which is made available cover Diesel Oil (High Speed Diesel), Diesel Oil ( Industrial/Marine of Diesel Oil), and the MFO ( Industrial/Marine Fuel Oil).
In this time consumer of Pertamina Fuel Oil in Industrial sector and marine reach more than 8000 consumer, spread over in all area in Indonesia. Some of our main customer are PT. PLN, Ltd, TNI / POLRI, Mining Industrial, Steel Industrial, Paper Industrial, Food Industrial, Cement Industrial, Fertilizer Industry, Contract production sharing, water transportation and other industries.
In Marine area, we focus in improving sale volume and extending service of Pertamina Fuel Oil location and all important Port in Indonesia.


The benefit of Pertamina Fuel Oil is the existence of guarantee of availability and supply. Pertamina have wide network in all area and pelosok in Indonesia supported by and 7 refineries of Pertamina and also source from outside the country, infrastructure and basic facilities of the Fuel Oil transportation, and also more than 120 Depot location, Terminal Transit and Installation which is spread in all over Indonesia. Quality and quantity of Fuel Oil product and are well guaranted service and also fulfill International standard.


Being market leader for more than 30 years in Indonesia, Lubricant is a prospective business for PERTAMINA. The business covers domestic and overseas market, segmentized into Retail Lubricant and Industrial Lubricant. Apart from finished product marketing, PERTAMINA also supply Lube Base Oil Group I and Group III (commencing mid 2008) into domestic market. Our market share is currently 54% for the Retail Segment and 58% for the Industrial Segment.


More than 17 Brands are now available for the domestic Retail market, while 18 other Brands are available for the Industrial market. For the overseas marketing purpose, PERTAMINA launch 3 Brands as an extension from our domestic Brand. In the Lube Base Oil business, PERTAMINA produce and market 5 grades of Mineral (Group I) Base Oils, and 2 grades of Synthetic (Group III) Base Oils.
To support its business activities, PERTAMINA is operating 7 Marketing Regions, 180 Distributors, and 45 OliMart, widely spread from Sabang to Merauke.



Domestic Gas

Since 1968, Domestic Gas Unit has already commited to serve all Indonesian society by providing LPG as fuel and industrial raw material for household and commercial bussiness using Elpiji brand. Recently, Elpiji has already become familiar and closer to the public because of Indonesian Government policy to convert the use of kerosene with Elpiji, which is already proved to be more economic, efficient and environmental friendly than kerosene.


In the Blue Sky's era, Domestic Gas Unit holds a very important role to support the success of this program. Beside providing Elpiji, since 1987 Domestic Gas Unit has also supplied gas fuel by using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), under the brand of BBG. Musicool, a friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant for environment, which was launched in 2004, has become another proof of our commitment to provide a better environment by protecting the ozone layer from depletion and global warming effect.


Nowadays, energy diversification is a must to anticipate oil shortage in the future because of the declining trend of oil resources. Together with Pertamina Laboratory and Research, Domestic Gas Unit develops LPG for transportation or LGV (Liquefied Gas for Vehicle) under the brand "Vi-Gas", and GPC (Gassified Petroleum Condensat), which also can be used as fuel to cook as Elpiji. Continous improvement is always carried out by Domestic Gas Unit to develop its products, to provide reliable infrastructures, to give better services and best support to Indonesian government, society and environment. Best services and products mean customer satisfaction that expected will create a better quality of life for Indonesian society.


Representing a division under Marketing & Trading, our main activity is to conduct export and import for crude oil, products and also petrochemicals with value around 135 trillion rupiahs per year. The division is separated into three functions which is the Crude & Product Unit, Non-Product Trading Unit and Planning & Evaluation Unit.


The activity for Crude & Product is to conduct product import with volume of around 120 million barrel per year and crude export around 7 million barrel per year, and also to export petrochemicals products with volume of 33 million barrel per year consisting of naptha around 3,6 million barrel, decant oil around 2,6 million barrel and around 26,8 million barrel product from our refineries.


Main activity of Non-Fuel Product Trading is to conduct trading for Non-Fuel Product both in domestic as well as export for products resulting from our refineries. Sales volume per year around 2 million MT with the revenue of 11 trillion rupiahs and profit around 1.65 trillion rupiahs.


Along with the change in Pertamina from cost oriented into a profit oriented company, Non Fuel Product Trading has also conduct Non Fuel trading to fulfill domestic demand to prevent shortage in domestic market and also to support in increasing Pertamina market share .


Trading Planning and Evaluation is the unit that is responsible for planning, evaluation, development and coordination to support other Units as well as to integrate them as a whole.


As a Business Unit of PERTAMINA - the state owned integrated energy, oil, gas, and petrochemical company of Indonesia - that doing business in marketing and providing of aviation fuel products and services in Indonesia and Timor Leste, PERTAMINA Aviation has an aspiration to be a world-class aviation fuel marketer and services provider with global network. It has been stated in our "Vision" and has become our commitment and ultimate objective to continually develop the company's value propositions for the customers and other stakeholders.


We have strict policies and procedures with primary concern on the safety of the flight as a part of our efforts to reach the vision by implementing international standard requirements of product quality, product handling, and also considering the requirements of our customers, industry, and environmental regulation in providing the values.





PERTAMINA Shipping are endeavoring to modify and to improve the culture and company images. For PERTAMINA Shipping, it is a chance to give the best service in the shipping world, to be an outstanding in the new millennium, developed and well-respected company.


Our strengths lies in our expertise and skill as in handling logistic services for oil, gas, petrochemical, crude oil and other products in archipelago country. With headquarters in Tanjung Priok - Jakarta, we can assure our customers of good services throughout Indonesia.


Aimed at conducting a professional logistic service for oil, gas, petrochemical and other refinery product, Pertamina Shipping has managed and operated over 130 vessels of different types ranging from Bulk Lighter up to Very Large Crude Carrier. The tonnage is dedicated to carry about 70 million Long Ton cargoes annually. It covers more than 135 ports/berths through out Indonesian archipelago.

Pertamina Shipping provides added value by creating a better company culture, building new image and applying transparency principles, good corporate governance as well as adequate internal control system.



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