20 Apr 2017 11:20

Pertamina Supports Pertamina Arden Team to Drive in Bahrain Circuit

JAKARTA - Entering a new season of F2 racing world, Pertamina along with two of its racers, Sean Gelael and his partner Norman Nato, hold a press conference at Leon Café, Wijaya I Street, South Jakarta (20/04). This press conference is also to introduce the Pertamina Arden team under PT Pertamina (Persero). The event is attended by Formula I Team Principal Scuderia Toro Rosso, Franz Tost, and Head of Marketing Communication of PT Pertamina (Persero), Dendi T. Danianto.


Sean Gelael and Norman Nato get a chance to test the STR12 car on international circuit, Bahrain, Hungary, and Abu Dhabi. Sean is the first rider which not from Red Bull or Toro Rosso team which believed to be the test racer on this team. Meanwhile, Norman Nato is a French racer who last season won the first race podium in Spain. Toro Rosso and Red Bull Team are affiliated with Arden Motorsport team founded by Garry Horner, which the father of Red Bull and Christian Horner’s boss.


Sean Gelael’s achievement as a young Indonesian racer who has been recognized in the International racing event and successfully joined with Norman Nato makes Pertamina as a sponsor also more optimistic under the auspices of Pertamina Arden Team. It is also said by Franz Tost who has been presented in Jakarta as a special invitation and he says, Sean's chances on F1 are already opened with his election as a test driver in the Toro Rosso team. Indonesian young racer Sean Gelael should work harder, focus, and perform consistently to achieve his dreams towards the Formula 1 race. Franz Tost assesses, Sean is on the right track by competing in the F2 race whcih has a very competitive atmosphere.


“Like other F1 teams, Toro Rosso has a program for developing the young racers. We see Sean Gelael has potential. From the results of a test series he conduct, the result is quite impressive. He is quite familiar with the character of the car, able to communicate and provide a lot of input to the engineering team. This is a positive thing, "said Franz Tost.


Sean Gelael as a young Indonesian racer admits that he is happy and proud to be given the opportunity to run his car back with his new colleague Norman Nato in the international racing arena with Pertamina Arden Team. The big challenge is waiting him and he also thanks to PT Pertamina (Persero) with its Pertamax and Fastron products that continue to support his career as a #raisethebar racer and he will fight hard and focus in this year's F2 racing season in order to march forward to the F1 racing season afterwards.


Facing this 2017 season, Pertamina Arden team along with Pertamax and Fastron products will get full support from PT. Pertamina (Persero). This is the first year of PT. Pertamina (Persero) become the sponsor title of Pertamina Arden team. Head of Marketing Communication of PT Pertamina (Persero), Dendi T. Danianto revealed that Pertamina always committed to support Indonesian racers in the international racing event. This is in line with the company's vision of becoming a world-class national energy company.


"After Rio Haryanto, we now have Sean Gelael who compete in the F2 race. Sean's move towards the achievement is more optimal. Now we are also committed to help Sean with his team, Pertamina Arden, hopefully this team can bring the name of Pertamina's products and become the pride for Indonesia, "said Dendi.


Musim balap F2 pada tahun 2017 ini sudah dimulai di Bahrain pada akhir pekan lalu (15/04). Seperti musim sebelumnya, ajang balap F2 (yang sebelumnya bernama GP2) akan digelar sebanyak 11 series yang sebagian besar akan berlangsung di daratan Eropa. Tahun ini jumlah peserta sebanyak 20 pebalap terbagi dalam sepuluh tim. Seri terakhir dalam ajang ini akan digelar di Abu Dhabi, Uni Emirat Arab


F2 racing season in 2017 has started in Bahrain at the end of last week (15/04). Like the previous season, the F2 race (previously known as GP2) will be held in 11 series which mostly will take place in Europe. This year, the number of participants amounted to 20 rider are divided into ten teams. The last series in this event will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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