27 Nov 2013 17:29

Pertamina Reiterated No Charge for RFID Installation

JAKARTA - PT Pertamina (Persero) stated that the installation of RFID equipment for subsidized-fuel-consuming cars is completely free-of-charge.


Vice President of Pertamina Corporate Communication, Ali Mundakir, regretted the information spread by irresponsible parties. The rumors, which caused public panic, falsely conveyed that the installation of RFID equipment would cost certain amount of money if it was done after certain deadline.


“We reiterate that there is no charge for installing RFID and there is no deadline for installation so we urge the public not to panic. Meanwhile the deadline 31 December 2013 is the target for completion of installing RFID for vehicles in Jakarta. But the subsequent RFID installation will be free in the future as well and there is not deadline,” Ali emphasized today.


According to Ali, the public can go through the installation at 60 locations provided, be it at fuel stations as well as other area. To find out more about the location for RFID registration, the public can contact Pertamina's contact center at 500-000, follow Pertamina's twitter @SMPBBM and Facebook: SMPBBM, or through the company website www.pertamina.com.                                       


“Considering such high public enthusiasm, Pertamina through PT INTI as the partner of RFID technology provider is working out the possibility of widening the RFID installation locations to outside fuel stations, such as at open spaces, mall parking lots, and more, as well as conducting it outside office our so that it will not disturb public activities and services,” said Ali.


Pertamina also reiterated that the RFID installation program was meant to monitor and record subsidized fuel purchase transaction.


“RFID is only to record car identity and record their transaction volume for each transaction. So, there is no limitation on purchasing volume,” Ali explained.


The List of RFID Installation Locations in Jakarta

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