Pertamina Opens Service Post for the Train Accident Victim

JAKARTA – PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Pertamina Bina Medika (Pertamedika) opens a service post for the wounded victim of the Train and Fuel Tanker accident in Bintaro. 

The post itself will be centralized in Pertamedika Medical Center (PMC) Jl. Sinabung I Rawa Simprug, South Jakarta every day since December 14th 2013. The post will be operated from 09.00 am until 16.00 pm. The service post will be functioned as a place for victim data entry which is not undergoing hospitalization, administration of medical finance reimbursement, and a 5 million rupiah donation for each of the wounded victims because of the accident.

The administration of those things can be done by collecting the documents needed (see: Document requirements). Reimbursement and donation recipient will receive the transfer of the donation within 7 working days (maximum)

For further information, victims or the families can reach Pertamina Contact Center 500-000 (according the area code), Text message 0815-9500000, and email

Document requirements:

  1. Original Personal Identification Card (KTP/SIM) (shown) and photocopy,
  2. Family Identification which is proven by the original family card (shown) and photocopy.
  3. Medical certificate which contain original medical resume or photocopy that has been legalized by related health agencies and followed by attached laboratory result or Rontgen results (optional).
  4. Medical payment receipt with stamp from the related clinic or hospitals.
  5. Bank account numbers with a photocopy of bank’s account book.