11 Jan 2017 17:08

Pertamina has Important Role In Indonesia’s GDP Growth

JAKARTA - PT Pertamina (Persero) as the energy SOEs has made significant contributions to promote Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product which estimated to reach US $ 940.95 billion in 2016.


It is said by President Director of Pertamina Dwi Soetjipto when delivering a keynote speech at the opening of training themed Advancing Accountable Resources Governance in Asia Pacific organized by FISIPOL Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, today, on Wednesday (11/01). The training is attended by the first deputy of chief presidential staff Darmawan Prasodjo, Team Coordinator of Natural Resources from Research and Development Directorate of KPK Dian Patria, Professor of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Prof. Purwo Santoso, along with experts, practitioners, academics, and researchers in the extractive industries sector in Asia Pacific.


The training is intended to strengthen the stakeholders capacity to earn governance accountability of extractive industries and build a multi-party networks to improve its governance quality in Asia Pacific. The training, which has get into its fourth year are attended by 26 participants from 10 countries, i.e. Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, India, East Timor, Mexico, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Australia.


In his presentation titled The Role and Contributions of Pertamina for Indonesia, Dwi Soetjipto says a country GDP are influenced by four components, i.e. consumer spending, government spending, investment, and difference of exports and imports. In the context of the fourth component, he explained, Pertamina plays deeply enough so that it gives effect to Indonesia’s GDP.


He explains in terms of private consumption, competitive fuel prices also take stimulation to economic activities. Coupled with the implementation of Single Fuel Price in the archipelago that in addition provide justice for the whole society, it also stimulate the society’s economic activity.


"With Single Fuel Price, people really feel the positive impact. With more affordable fuel price, people are becoming more flexible in doing their economic activity, more productive, and the distribution of goods will be more efficient that affect the other goods price," said Dwi.


From the government spending aspect, Pertamina has a role to support the state budget through the dividens and taxes contribution. Until last November, for example, Pertamina has paid the tax not less than Rp58 trillion.


For investment component, Pertamina has planned an investment of more than US $ 100 billion by 2025. The investment will be allocated to the various business lines, including the energy infrastructure construction that not only plays an important role for national energy security but also in employment


Meanwhile, the last component of the difference between exports and imports are indicated by a decrease in the imports volume of a number of fuel products. "The significant decline in the imports of which is Solar (diesel fuel)."


Moreover, continued Dwi, the Refinery Development Master Plan project and Grass Root Refinery, are also expected to support the national energy security and independence and liberate Indonesia from importing petroleum products in 2023

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