Pertamina Delegates Bring Home 11 Awards at International Innovation Competition

TAIWAN - Pertamina delegation, once again, excels in the international innovation competition of  Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart 2017. In the peak of the event held on Saturday 30 September 2017, five teams representing Pertamina successfully won 11 awards for the innovations presented to the jury .

The 11 awards include: 2 Gold awards, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Honorable Mention, and 6 Prestigious Awards from the Korean Invention Promotion Association, United Arab Emirates, Syria Inventors, Polish Inventors Association and National Research Council Thailand.

The Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart is an annual event held since 2005. The activities include exhibitions and technology competitions aimed at exposing discoveries or innovations from various institutions, industry, academia,  and governments around the world. Through this event, it is expected that the innovations presented can inspire and become a means to recognize innovation as an intellectual property.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Pertamina Adiatma Sardjito stated that for 3 days, from 28th - 30th September 2017, Pertamina delegates who are the winners selected in the quality event of Annual Pertamina Quality Award, give presentations and share their experience in applying their innovation in front of the jury from Taiwan, Singapore, Poland, Syria, and Japan.

In an innovation competition attended by 22 countries, Pertamina delegates, representing Indonesia, proved the result of innovation that started from continuous improvement in work environment can attain world recognition.

"Pertamina continues to encourage workers to race in the birth of innovations that are born from improvement activities in daily work. And it is proven that the innovations that have been implemented by Pertamina workers in operational activities, not only encourage the creativity of workers, but also provide financial impact of potential savings for the company, "said Adiatma.

Five innovations are included in the competition this time from the group FT-PROVE Sentris with  their innovation which improves the reliability of flow pipes with the application of ceramic internal layer in PHE ONWJ uninhabited pavilion production facility. In addition there is PC-PROVE Poleng Punch Club with their innovation to increase oil production by maintaining the continuity of well flow applied in Pertamina EP Asset 4 Poleng Field.

The PC-PROVE Flying Dutcman group brings their innovation in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Single Point Mooring (SPM) by mooring the ship to the SPM called "MESEM" (Modular & Flexible Self Assembly Mooring Hawser) and applied to TBBM Semarang Group.

I-PROVE Tedi with innovative manufacture of portable pressure calibrator applied at Pertamina Gas Kalimantan Area, and an innovation in optimizing margin at Refinery Unit III by processing low value product from Tuban TPPI Plantation to diesel oil.

The following categories of awards are achieved by Pertamina:

  1. Two Gold Awards for: FT-P Sentris and PC- P Optimis
  2. One Silver Award for I-P Tedi
  3. One Bronze Award for PC-P Poleng
  4. Honorable Mention for PC-P Flying Dutchman
  5. Special Prize from Korea (KIPA, Korea Invention Promotion Association) for PC-P Optimis
  6. Special Prize from United Arab Emirates (UAE) for PC-P Flying Dutchman
  7. Best Invention, Special Prize of Shiri Inventors for I-P Tedi
  8. Special Prize from Poland (Polish Inventors Association) for FT-P Sentris
  9. Special Prize from National Research Council of Thailand for PC-P Flying Dutchman and PC-P Poleng.

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