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25 vehicle Do Convoy to Promote Eco-friendly CNG

JAKARTA - To provide a choice to the public using Gas Fuel , a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) could be an alternative. A total of 25 CNG-fueled vehicles do a convoy on the Jakarta major arterial road to promote the excellence of  Gas Fuel-CNG to the public. This automotive event is packaged in CNG Station Site Tour & Natural Gas for Vehicles ("NGV") Road Show on Monday (13/3). The convoy which started from IRTI Monas to Thamrin - Gatot Subroto - MT Haryono road and ended in Cililitan Gas Station is held in the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ANGVA) on 12th to 15th March 2017 by the Association of Indonesian CNG Company (APCNGI).


According to Corporate Communication Vice President of Pertamina, Wianda Pusponegro, as a member of APCNGI, Pertamina becomes a leading portion in NGV. Cililitan Gas Station which chosen as the end point of a CNG-powered vehicle convoy, certainly intended to demonstrate to the public, that Pertamina is ready to supply CNG. "The Gas Station which was built since August 2015 has been serving the CNG consumers in the East Jakarta and surrounding areas. It is a good momentum to demonstrate the product quality and the station, "said Wianda.


Beside gas station in Cililitan, continued Wianda, Pertamina has operated 34 units of gas stations including 7 Mobile Refueling Unit (MRU), which spread in Jabodetabek, Palembang, Semarang, and Balikpapan and it does not include the additional gas station which still under construction. With Pertamina's investment and new assignment from the Government, the total of gas fuel stations that will be managed by Pertamina in 2017 will be 53 units. It will enable people to use eco-friendly energy to fuel their vehicles. "As an alternative fuel, CNG can be used to gasoline-powered and solar-powered vehicle. Besides cleaner than gasoline and solar, the CNG emissions is eco-friendly, "said Wianda.


As national oil and gas SOE, Pertamina is strongly committed to conduct the mission from the Government in this case is Ministry of EMR in conversion program from fuel oil to gas fuel by building gas fuel infrastructure. To accelerate the conversion, Pertamina put MRU at seven strategic locations which integrated with public transport lines and not covered by gas infrastructure. Now each of MRU unit has a size of 20 ft with a storage capacity of about 1800 LSP. Each MRU consists of a storage unit and a compressor for filling the CNG to the consumer’s vehicle.


CNG is made by compressing methane (CH4), which is extracted from natural gas. CNG is stored and distributed in a pressure vessel, usually in the cylinder form. CNG is economically cheaper in production and retention. However, CNG requires a larger storage area for a number of same mass of natural gas and need very high pressure. And, CNG marketing is more economic for the locations near natural gas source.


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