16 Aug 2015 09:00

Upskilling Manpower in RFCC Project Cilacap

4-Workshop DSS RFCC Project Cilacap

CILACAP – As the  deadline for the start up of RFCC Project looms, Pertamina organized an upskilling program for  RFCC Project Cila­cap manpower. One of upskilling program performed was a DSS Workshop at Gedung Diklat Lomanis on June 1st, 2015. Participants were given information about online refinery management through a special application software to ease monitoring process and operational execution.


The workshop presented Lukman Hakim as a source person from Honeywell Jakarta. He explained about the refinery management online application software. "There is an application for the simulation of online RFCC refinery management, which will ease the operation since the start up begins," he said.


Meanwhile, Site Manager Start Up RFCC Project Cila­cap Joko Pranoto said that the workshop would help improve employees' performance. "The new application will ease our workers to monitor the operational processes at   RFCC refinery directly and in real time. Moreover, it will also ease operators  because it can detect precisely any disruption or indication of   damage so that any issue can be handled quickly. This will positively influence team work at RFCC," Joko Pranoto said. 


Joko  is expecting that participants, consisting of panel operators and other young employees, will be able to maximize their knowledge from the workshop and directly apply it for daily activities, fulfilling their responsibilities and performing operations in accordance with the applied procedures.

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