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Town Hall Meeting I RU II Dumai in 2017

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Dumai – Refinery Unit (RU) II Dumai run first Town Hall Meeting 2017 in Sasana Mitra Meeting Hall, (BPSM), Bukit Datuk Residential Area in (31/3). In this activities, all present workers getting description by GM RU II Mahendrata Sudibja about performance targets in 2017., which is KPI, Strategy Achievement of 5 Focus Program SROE, Strategy Achievement of ISRS Level 7, and Gold PROPER. Other than that, he also deliver briefing to reach companies vision and mission.


Mahandrata appealed to all RU II workers to avoid conflict of interest.” We must keep reform ourself with doing mindset change, develop soul of giving, know the priority and collaborate with all parties to protect the commitment honesty, sincere and trustworthy” said Mahendrata.


The event also filled with sharing session from Manager HSE RU VI Balingan J.Prihartanto to share success stories RU IV in reaching ISRS 8 Level and gold Proper.


Besides that, this event is also filled with socialization of compliance aspect toward GCG which delivered by M.R Kun Tauchid, one of the compliance champion GCG RU II


Closing event this time, is done handover ceremony award, either from external party to Pertamina RU II or award in internal environtment RU II that given during first quarterof 2017., i.e Certificate of Appreciation of Supervision of Environmental Permit Arrangement from Law Enforcer (Gakum) Ministry of Environmental and Forestry (KLHK) and Environmental Services (DLH) city of Dumai, Certificate of Appreciation of Best Category Predicate of Losses Findings in Refinery Unit year 2016 from Losses Team RU II, Appreciation of Platinum Rank of Performance Supply Loses Crude year 2016, and Appreciation to Employee Achievement in APQ Award event 2017 with three teams get Gold ranking, i.e PC Prove Dejavu, PC-Prove STEAM and FT-Prove Infrared.


Besides that, three teams get silver rank, i.e FT-Prove Cartridge, I-Prove Hanif and I-Prove Mare.

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