16 May 2017 09:30

Participant Sesdilu Fourth Generation Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visits Pertamina.

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Jakarta – A number of Indonesian Republic senior diplomats and foreign diplomats which follow school program of foreign official staff (Sesdilu) fourth generation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesian Republic, visits Pertamina and welcomed by Institusional Relations Manager Noviandri in Executive Lounge on Thursday (27/4). Sesdilu Delegation lead by DR.Nana Yuliana as a Director of Foreign School Offices. This program is followed by thirty eight participant, including foreign diplomat from friendly countries, like Maroko, Suriname, Tunisia, Namibia, Bangladesh, Mozambik, Ethiopia, Irak, Pakistan, South Africa.


Noviandri in his welcoming speech state that two points In this visit. First, Pertamina want to share information about their energy business. “Moreover about diplomacy energy from business perspective, which later can be promotion event for Pertamina.” said Noviandri.


Pertamina is also want to get input from the diplomat about Pertamina’s position in international world, moreover this program is followed by some foreign diplomat.


Meanwhile, Nana Yuliana state that it is important for Indonesian diplomat to know Pertamina. A state-owned enterprises which doing business in energy field.” This is become one of our responsibilities, especially in ensuring energy resistansi. Moreover nowadays Indonesia is already outside OPEC.” He said


Because of it, it is important to diplomat to run energy diplomacy so that Indonesia can keep secure their energy supply.


According from VP Corporate Communication Pertamina Adiatma Sardjito, this visit can be used to know how Indonesian energy policy, like about fuel oil supply and demand Indonesia, exploration and production in upstream, and how if the conflicts happen.


Adiatma state, the reason Pertamina is visited by this senior diplomat because the important factor of Pertamina position in exploration in Upstream, distribution in downstream.” Pertamina connect very closely with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially to take care of our oil field which is In the overseas.


He also hope that diplomats can promote Pertamina in the destination country of  placement, or in the origin country for the foreign diplomat. The event is filled with presentation about Pertamina business in energy sector by Zainal Abidin form Stakeholder Relations function.

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