PT Pertamina EP Release Javanese Owa to Wildlife

BANDUNG – In order to commemorate the International Gibbon Day on 24 October, PT Pertamina EP Asset 3 Subang Field has release five Javanese Owa to its natural habitat in Gunung Malabar Protection Forest, West Java, Tuesday (24/10/2017).

Five Javanese Owa consist of two families, which are Wili family, Sasa and Yatna also Asep and Dompu. They have gone through rehabilitation process for 7-9 years in Javan Gibbon Center (JGC), Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java. Before its release, they also have gone through habituation process for two months’ in Gunung Puntang Wildlife preservation, Gunung Malabar protection forest.

PT Pertamina EP Exploration and New Discovery Project Director, Achmad Alfian Husein stated, the release of this endangered animals became one of Pertamina commitment towards environment. "One of which is by conserve endangered animals, Javanese Owa,’ he said.

He hoped that, in the future, the population of Javanese Owa will gradually increase. “We hope that after this release everything will went according to plan, Javanese Owa can breed and its amount increases " he explained.

Meanwhile, Director of Operation Perhutani Hari Priyanto explained that other than useful for the animal themselves. The release of Javanese Owa in conservation forest can also be means of education for society.” One of the function of this conservation is to educate society that ecosystem balance need to be preserved. One of which by preserving various endangered ecosystem,” he said.

The activity was already done five times in the same location which involves Javanese Owa Foundation together with the Directorate General KSDAE KLHK, BBTNGGP, BBKSDA West Jawa and Perum Perhutani, Conservation International Indonesia, and Silvery Gibbon Project.*PRIYO

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