Mangrove School in Education Expo

INDRAMAYU – The effort of RU VI Balongan in introducing the benefits of mangrove towards society and student continued to be intensified. One of which is by participating mangrove thematic school which is recently launched during the Education Expo in accordance with the 490th commemoration of Indramayu, Saturday (30/9/2017).

One agenda of the environmental education stand is to organize workshop about various processed foods came from mangrove. The workshop that is participated by students from SD Karangsong 1 dan SD Pabean Udik 2 got a good reception from the students. They are happy because they get additional education.

Some of them are the information of how the shoots of mangrove leaves can be processed to urap, mangrove fruits to syrups, and wrakas mangrove can be processed into crackers, and other things.

Abdul Latif, one of RU VI partner that has the opportunity to speak during the event also explained that Mangrove in Indonesia have more than 100 species. Mangrove thematic education booth facilitated by RU VI Balongan also visitied by students from other schools. Many of them wanted to learn about the process of mangrove.

After presentation, students are invited to experience the process of producing crackers with wrakas leaves as its main ingredients. The process is quite simple. First, you have to wash clean young Wrakas leaves and boil it. Next step, prepare the dough made from flour and eggs mixed with a little bit of salt. Finally, deep fried wrakas leaves with dough mixture. •RU VI

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