1000 Trees for Adiwiyata Schools in Tabalong

TABALONG – PT Pertamina EP Asset 5 Tanjung Field launched an environmental oriented program, 1,000 trees Cultivation in Adiwiyata School Jungle in Tabalong District. The launch is marked by the submission of tree seeds and manure symbolically to the Regent of Tabalong H. Anang Syakfiani, in SMPN 1 Tanta, Tabalong, South Kalimantan, (2/10/2017). The seeds then distributed to all Adiwiyata School throughout Tabalong district.

In fact, PT Pertamina carry out their social responsibility towards environment to conduct reforestation for Kalimantan Jungle that was burnt down in 2015 for 211.995 hectares.  Tabalong became one of six districts in South Kalimantan prone to forest fires. On top of that, in 2016, there are 26 hotspots in the Northern and Southern area of Tabalong. Due to these incidents, Kalimantan that once called lungs of the world, is started to desolate.

For that, PEP Asset 5  Tanjung Field tie up with Adiwiyata school in Tabalong together to restore the image of lungs of the world through tree garden activities in Adiwiyata school. From this activity, it is expected that students were taught to care for the environment and responsible for nature conservation.

“We do appreciate Pertamina EP effort to preserve Tabalong nature. We hope that the future generation realized that natural preservation is a responsibility for everyone,’’ said Tabalong Regent H. Anang Syakfiani.•PEP ASET 5

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