Vision and Mission

Vision: To Be World Class National Energy Company. Mission: To carry out integrated business core in oil, gas, renewable and new energy based on strong commercial principles.

To realize the Company’s Vision as a world-class company, the Company as a State Owned Enterprise implements and supports government policies and programs in economic and national development in general, especially in energy business operations, including new and renewable energy, oil and natural gas both domestically and abroad. As well, support is provided in related activities in the field of energy, namely in new and renewable energy, and oil and natural gas. The Company furthermore seeks to optimize Company resources to produce high quality and competitive goods and services and to attain profitability. This is done in order to increase the value of the Company by applying the principles of limited liability companies.

The Company’s Mission focuses on running the Company’s core business in oil, gas, biofuels development activities, exploration, production and trade of new and renewable energy based on strong commercial principles.


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