Pertamina with its managements and employees concern of safety aspects in works and activities. Pertamina guarantees work environment which is environmentally friendly, operation without hazardous wastes and environmentally friendly, makes an effort to reduce emissions towards environment, and improves energy efficiency. Pertamina commits to improve employees’ abilities and skills, particularly in HSE aspect which fulfills either local or international requirements.



Statement: “Pertamina guarantees all employees to work healthy with healthy lifestyle.”

Health is the most important aspect in works and activities, so Pertamina holds programs to support its employees’ health.


  1. To prevent diseases because of work
  2. To create health environment to work and to support employees’ health optimally.





Statement: “Pertamina guarantees all employees and partners to work safely and to come back home safely.”

Pertamina with its managements and employees concern of safety aspects in works and activities. Safety is the main priority that cannot be ignored, although other achievements in terms of production and marketing are the company goals. Production target and marketing achievements would be useless if the safety aspects are ignored. Therefore, all employees commits to support and to keep work safety.


  1. Without incidents
  2. Omitting the risk factors of workplace accidents




Statement: "Pertamina guarantees its workers, partners, and equipments safety against disruption."


Security in work atmosphere is a major factor for a conducive working atmosphere thus increasing worker productivity and equipments. Pertamina has Security Management System with Integrated Security System which is compiled by National Police whose the audit / verification has done rountinely by Republic of Indonesia Police team..



1. Without Losing Asset due to theft.

2. Without interruption of operations due to security disruption.


Statement: "Pertamina ensure eco-friendly working atmosphere, operation without hazardous waste and eco-friendly as well as trying to reduce emissions to the environment and to improve energy efficiency."


Environmental aspects has become a top priority in company operations both at the Headquarters and Operating units, where Exploration, Production, Processing, Distribution and Storage process must prioritize environmental aspect which are eco-friendly, without pollution and emissions / radiation and toxic waste as well as improving the Efficient use of Energy.



1. Without Environmental Pollution, oil spills.

2. Without hazardous waste.

3. Commitment to reduce emission to the environment.

4. Commitment to the use of Energy (Energy Efficiency).

TRAINING (HSE Training Center – Sei Gerong)

Statement: "In terms of HSE competence development, Pertamina is committed to  both increasing the capacity and the expertise of its workers, especially in HSE aspect which meet local and international requirements."


Competence and expertise development in HSE aspect is a priority in Human Resources (HR) manaegement at Pertamina, so that each worker shall undergo Safety Mandatory Training, HSE Training Module for Operational aspect, and HSE Leadership Training with International standards.


To rise to the level of a higher position, then a worker is required to attend training in accordance with the HSE Module Positions to be achieved within a certain time.



  1. Have HSE skills and abilities in accordance with the workers position and job.
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