The Transformation

On 10 December 2005, in response to business competition, PT Pertamina (Persero), changed its logo from a sea-horse into an arrow shape with the 3 basic colors of green, blue and red. This logo represents dynamism as well as an environmental friendly attitude in the implementation of the Company’s business activities.

Then, on 20 July 2006, PT Pertamina implemented a corporate transformation program with 2 major themes: fundamental and business. In order to put the program on a firm footing, on 10 December 2007, PT Pertamina introduced its new vision: “To Become a World Class National Oil Company”. Facing global development policies, Pertamina conduct efforts to extend the business of oil and gas towards the development of new and renewable energy, and based on that, Pertamina in 2012 set a new vision of the company, “To Become a World Class National Energy Company”. 


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