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Tonggak-tonggak sejarah berdirinya PT Pertamina (Persero) sebagai Perusahaan BUMN sejak tahun 1957 hingga berubah status hukum menjadi Perusahaan Perseroan Terbatas (Persero).

1957 The Independence
In the 1950s, when the administration of the state began to normalize after the war for defending the independence, the Indonesia government authority began to inventory the sources of state revenue, including oil and gas. In that period, the management of oil fields that had been previously controlled by the Dutch was uncontrollable and disputed.

The Integration
However, in 1960, PT PERMINA was restructured into a state-owned company known as PN PERMINA, as a realization of Government policy, whereby the party entitled to oil and gas exploration in Indonesia became the state.

The Golden Year
In order to strengthen this newly born company, the Indonesian government issued Law No. 8/ 1971, which positioned Pertamina as the only state owned enterprise tasked with managing the oil and gas business, from processing and producing oil and gas from oil fields all over Indonesia and processing them into various products, to providing and meeting the demand for fuel and natural gas in Indonesia.

The Change Sphere
Subsequently, as a result of dynamic changes in both the national and global oil and gas industries, the Indonesian Government passed Oil and Gas Law No. 22/2001. With the passing of this law, Pertamina had the same position as the other oil companies. The arrangement of the PSO business will be subject to competition mechanisms that are reasonable, fair, and transparent with appropriate pricing in accordance with the market.

The Transformation
On 10 December 2005, in response to business competition, PT Pertamina (Persero), changed its logo from a sea-horse into an arrow shape with the 3 basic colors of green, blue and red. This logo represents dynamism as well as an environmental friendly attitude in the implementation of the Company’s business activities.

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