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1. Pertamina psychometric test FAQ


Q: After registering a new email, why do I not receive a confirmation email which informs successful recruitment registrations from Pertamina?

A: It is caused by the system which needs times to send the confirmation email to personal email. To speed up the confirmation email, applicants can click “Resend Email Confirmation” on up right E-recruitment.

Q: What should I do if I lose my E-requirement registration number?

A: Applicants should contact Pertamina in to get helps from our IT team.

Q: How can applicants know Pertamina test schedule?

A: For the applicants who pass every test would be informed by Recruitment Function or psychology institution which corporate with Pertamina via email and telephone enclosed by the applicants on E-requirement.

Q: Should the applicants bring hardcopy files?
A: Participants invited to participate Psychometrictest should bring hardcopy file completely, colored photo, and photo of full body.

Q: What should the applicants do if there are any problems related with PERTAMINIA recruitment?

A: The applicants may call Pertamina Contact Center in 500 000 (started with region code if you call from GSM) or send email to:

2. How is the procedure if I want to be intern in Pertamina?


If you want to be intern in Pertamina Center, you may send an official application letter from university as well as an outline area that will be investigated to:


Jl. Sinabung II Terusan Simprug
Kebayoran - Jakarta Selatan 12220
Telp. 021-7262651


3. Is Pertamina opening job vacancy? What is the requisite and procedure?


Now Pertamina has not yet opened job vacancy. If Pertamina opens job vacancy, we will inform the job recruitment as well as the requisite and procedure through a printed media and this website.


4. How is the procedure to be intern in Pertamina?


Now Pertamina has not yet opened an internship.




  1. 1.     Is there licensing fee in Pertamina?


Basically fee spent by partner is fee uphold intellectual right which is spent by Pertamina to design SPBU, fee of the usage of Pertamina logo and Pertamina product, and fee of new system registration. That fee is an official fee of Pertamina. Partners do not have to give other fees.

  1. 2.     How long SPBU can operate since request is agreed?


The process and procedure of building SPBU can be seen on the page of Procedure and request step.

  1. 3.     How long is the cooperation period?


Cooperation contract is valid for minimum 15 years with contract renewal every 5 years.

  1. Is there another permission needed to build SPBU?


    PT. Pertamina (Persero) memberikan sebatas izin sebagai outlet jaringan SPBU Pertamina. Anda harus mempersiapkan izin lain yang terkait dengan operasional SPBU, yang dapat Anda lihat pada halaman terkait di situs ini. Proses untuk memperoleh izin tersebut dapat ditanyakan kepada instansi terkait


PT. Pertamina (Persero) only gives permission as network outlet of SPBU Pertamina. You should prepare another permission related with SPBU operational which can be seen on the related page in this website. The process to get that permission can be questioned to the related institution.

  1. What kind of area can be offered to build SPBU Pertamina?


In general an area which can be used is the one located in the strategic area which can be seen from surroundings, access to that area, traffic around that area, and other factors.

  1. How much asset is needed to build SPBU?


    SPBU merupakan investasi yang membutuhkan modal besar, dengan pendapatan yang besar dan bersifat likuid. Modal yang dibutuhkan tergantung pada lahan calon lokasi

SPBU. Rencana Bisnis yang akan disusun akan menentukan berapa besar modal yang dibutuhkan.


SPBU is an investment that needs huge asset with big income and liquid. An asset needed depends on the area location of SPBU. Business plan which will be formed will determine how big an asset needed.






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